Gutter Replacement

Water is the enemy of your home, and roof runoff water has two places to go: where you want it to go, and where you don’t want it to go. You want your roof to channel rainwater into the gutters and down the downspouts to a drain tile, rain barrel, or away from the home’s foundation. Where you don’t want it to go is into your home or pooling around your foundation.

Gutters ensure water goes where you want it to go. At least properly installed and functioning gutters do.

GRT Roofing replaces old, failing gutters with a cost-effective seamless gutter system that doesn’t break your budget and is built to last.

The main reason for foundation damage and leaky, damp basements is inadequate drainage of rainwater due to an ineffective gutter system. Without a proper rainwater management system, water drains to the soil surrounding your home’s foundation, causing basement walls to leak, bow, and crack over time. Gutters are vital to protect the integrity of your home’s foundation. In fact, a properly functioning gutter system might be the third most important element of your home’s construction, just as important as your foundation and roof.

A properly installed gutter system is critical to proper rainwater management:

  • The gutters and downspouts should capture roof water and direct it away from your home’s foundation.
  • The gutter system should be installed with a slope toward the downspouts, and securely fastened to your home’s fascia board. Proper installation extends the life of your gutter system and prevents hidden water damage underneath your roof.


If any part of your gutter system fails, it cannot prevent roof runoff water from damaging your home and foundation. If you suspect your gutter system is not adequately draining water away from your home, call GRT Roofing for a free roof and gutter inspection. We’ll help you determine the best course of action to keep your home protected and dry with great gutters!


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