Roof Replacement

GRT Roofing provides roof replacement services for Cleveland’s western suburbs. A GRT roof will protect your home from the harsh Ohio weather, and add curb appeal and value.

Replacing your roof is a big investment. Like most investments, you rely on professionals to work on your behalf and in your best interest. GRT Roofing has the experience and skill to make roof repairs or replace your entire roof, depending on its condition and needs. Our installation crews do not take shortcuts or cut corners, because our reputation depends on the quality of your roof. We take that responsibility seriously.

When Should I Replace My Roof?

Asphalt roof shingles and flashing typically last between 20–25 years, depending on the materials used, quality of the installation, and weather conditions. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you consider your roof’s condition.

Are there obvious signs that repair or replacement is needed? Have you experienced water leaks or water damage in your attic? Do you have water stains or water marks on interior ceilings or walls? Does your roof have visible signs of buckling, decayed or broken shingles, or bumpiness?

How old is the roof? Has it outlived its life expectancy of 20–30 years? Is the attic properly vented? Is there algae growth, tree debris buildup, or rodent damage?

If you are uncertain if your roof has issues, or are unsure of the remedies available, GRT Roofing can provide an inspection to help you decide if a roof repair, or a full roof replacement, is the right choice for your circumstances.

What Will a New Roof Cost?

There are many factors that go into the cost of a roof, including the pitch (how steep it is), how many square feet of materials are needed, and the type of shingles you want. We’ll cover all these items after one of our experts inspects your roof and learns what type of roof you want.

What Goes Into a Roof Replacement?

Every job is different, but for most roof replacements, the process happens like this:


  • Existing shingles are removed, along with old flashing and drip edging.
  • Minor repairs are made as needed, including replacing rotten or bad plywood sheathing.
  • Ice and water shield is installed where needed.
  • Asphalt roofing paper applied over roof sheathing.
  • Metal drip edging is installed around the edges of the roof.
  • Flashing installed in roof valleys, where two roof planes meet (if needed).
  • Shingles installed, starting at the bottom and working towards the roof ridge.
  • Flashing installed along all vertical surfaces, like chimneys, skylights, etc.
  • Roof ridge vent installed (if needed).
  • Clean-up and haul away of debris.

With GRT Roofing, your project will be done right the first time, so your roof is long-lasting and looks great!


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